School and Community Support

If you are a part of the School & Community Support Department, you can find information provided by your Shop Steward pertaining to your specific job on this page.  This page will be continually updated so please check back frequently.

Contact Info for the School and Community Support Worker Shop Steward:

Allan Henricks

email: …604-341-6627

If you require more assistance please contact:

CUPE 728 President       email:

  • Community Schools Facilitator
  • District Attendant – Education Centre
  • District Attendant – Learning Centre
  • Outreach Work
  • Safe School Liaison
  • School Meal Program Aide
  • StrongStart Facilitator
  • Supervision Aide

May 2024

For the StrongStart Updates click here.


Summer Work Update – April 23, 2024


At this point, there is no end-date on this.  Please be sure to fill this out and send it in.

There is an important survey for all School Meal Aides to fill out.  You can print the form out here Survey – Meal Prep Aides  or you can copy/paste the questions below and email them to

  1. First and last name
  2. Seniority Date
  3. Number of students you serve
  4. Prep time allotted to pack lunch and snack
  5. Do you take your 15 minute paid break time?
    • Discouraged not to
    • Too much work to do
    • Yes but not often
    • Yes but often
    • No – reason why not
  6. Unpaid break time where you are not paid to work?
    • Take my break time often
    • Take my break occasionally
    • Unable to take break due to workload
    • Discouraged not to
  7. When you are called for overtime (OT), what happens?
    • Discouraged to call again
    • Refused OT
    • Told do ony what is necessary
    • Accepted usually
  8. How many late students do you serve?
  9. Do you have any solutions for late students, so you can get your break time?
  10. Do you work at multiple cites?  Yes.   No
  11. Have you asked Manager to prioritize job duties?    Yes.  No
  12. Do you hav time to do your paperwork?    Yes.   No
  13. Do they allow time for paperwork if not done in your allotted hours of work?    Yes.  No
  14. How often is it required to work ‘extra’ (unpaid time) per week?
  15. Do you ask every time extra time is needed?  Yes.    No.    If no, why?
  16. Please list any other concerns with your job