Constitution & By-laws

Thank you all that came out for the ByLaw vote in January. Once the ByLaws have been approved by CUPE National, they will become part of our local and will be updated on our website

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members, and not more than eight (8) members elected from the general membership.  A quorum shall be fifty percent plus one (50% + 1) of the elected Committee.  Their duties shall be to review and recommend amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws to the Executive board.  All reports and proposals of this Committee shall be made available to the members for information at the next regular general membership meeting, following presentation to the Executive.  Also, the reports and proposals are to be published in the monthly chronicle that precedes the meeting the reports and proposals are tabled at.

The 2023/2024 Constitution & By-Laws Committee consists of the following CUPE 728 members:

  • George Hardy
  • Edward Parsotam
  • Amanda Williams
  • Shannon Levinsky
  • Allan Henricks
  • Theresa Pidcock
  • Blair Hofer
  • Nora Hooper