Young Workers Committee

Young workers committee objective:

We are a few young workers who each come from different roles in CUPE 728. Those roles include, ABA support worker, trades, and outreach support. Our objective going forward is to actively engage in education, while working together in creating initiatives that bring the young workers of our union together! As well as creating a space where members can come together and talk about common struggles that we may be enduring. –  Also, ways that we can achieve growth and change. We hope and strive to create solutions and ways of dealing for the current endeavors so the young workers to follow us have stepping stones and do not have to face the same challenges. Lets not watch each other struggle anymore, let’s come together and brainstorm.  We intend to discuss issues that we may have encountered through our career, and find solutions to take action to help those who follow us.


Young Workers Committee

The Young Workers Committee for 2023/2024 are:

  • Cassie Deezar
  • Amy Woudsma
  • Ronnel Macaraig