Health & Safety and Sub-Committee

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Health Safety Committee shall consist of three (3) members elected from the general membership.  Their duties shall be to see that Safety Regulations as laid out by the Workers Compensation Board are carried out and report on any irregularities or safety hazards.  The Committee shall report on all actions and findings at the next regular general membership meeting.  Safety Committee members shall be entitled to attend all seminars and workshops relating to safety.  All reports and proposals of this Committee be made available to the members for information at the next regular general membership meeting, following presentation to the Executive.  Also, the reports and proposals are to be published in the monthly Chronicle that precedes the meeting the reports and proposals are tabled at.

The 2022/2023 Committee consists of the following CUPE728 members:

  • George Hardy
  • Edward Parsotam
  • Amanda Williams

Here are the following members that are on the Health & Safety Sub-Committee for 2022/2023

Health & Safety Sub-Committee – the Health &  Safety Sub-Committee shall consist of five (5) members elected from the general membership plus the three (3) members from the Health & Safety Committee.  Their duties shall be to assist the Health & Safety Committee where needed and to arrange for education for the membership.  They will be entitled to attend seminars and workshops relating to Health & Safety.

  • Nora Hooper
  • Allan Henricks
  • Joleen Turgeon
  • Sylvia Pham
  • Laura Hagar-Gaube


February 2022 Chronicle Report

It is a new year, and the month of January has already left us so fast. Looking to the past month, we have received many concerns regarding safety issues that some of our members have been facing. Safety MUST be a priority at work. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that ALL employees work in a safe and healthy environment. However, we need to acknowledge that nothing can get resolved unless the employer is made aware of the
situation; employees take a big part of the resolution. Without the employees’ reporting any incidents nothing will be resolved. Under no circumstances, should an employee be forced to work under pressure due to an unsafe environment. If you or a co-worker is going through any type of harassment or discrimination, do not hesitate to inform your supervisor and your Union representative. CUPE 728 representatives will work beside you to
let the employer know that working under those conditions is inappropriate. Let us work together for the well-being of our Union members.


Information on WCB

Information on how to fill out a WCB Claim

Updates on Amendments to Worker’s Compensation Act

Do you have an active WCB claim? If so, you will know that you have a Case Manager attached to your file.  We advise you to not call your Case Manager directly.  We strongly advise you to ALWAYS call the Call Centre at 604-231-8888, state the reason that you are calling, have the WCB Representative read back what they typed and THEN get transferred to your Case manager.  This way, there’s more of a guarantee that your call will get documented onto your on-line file.  Unfortunate, not all Case Managers have time to document your phone call (which they are supposed to).  If your Case manager calls you, please check your on-line file in about 1-hour to make sure that call was documented.  If it wasn’t, call the Call Centre and reiterate that call.  Remember, if it’s not written down in your file, it didn’t happen.

Don’t forget, if you have a WCB Claim you are able to get access to your entire WCB file on-line.  This includes notes from phone conversations (called Communications), any reports from medical professionals and your employer, your wage benefits, etc.