School Board Trustee Action

The School Board Trustees Action Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members.  The duties of this Committee shall be to monitor the local actions and opinions of the Surrey School Board Trustees.  All reports and proposals of this Committee shall be made available to the members for information at the next general membership meeting, following presentation to the Executive.  Also, the reports and proposals are to be published in the monthly Chronicle that precedes the meeting the reports and proposals are tabled at.

The 2022/2023 Committee consists of the following CUPE728 members:

  • Cassie Deezar
  • Lisa Kennedy
  • Laura Hagar-Gaube
  • Amy Woudsma

For a direct link to the Board of Education Page (where you can find past meeting notes, agendas, etc.) click here 

February 2022 Chronicle Article

At the December School Board Trustee meeting, there was discussion on the new Snokomish Elem site: 3 stories, 4,600 square meters, 27 classrooms, 655 students with scheduled opening of Spring 2025. This school will focus on reducing Green House Gas emissions through electric broilers and air pumps.  Unfortunately, at this time there will only be 48 staff parking spots. This is a great concern for our members as some of our members may not have early start times. Sketch Plans for Semiahmoo Trail were presented with an increase to 500 students from 285 with a Fall 2024 completion date. SD36 received $50,000 for electrical vehicle infrastructure and $60,000 for electric buses. The Board also discussed the ‘Surrey Blended’ program and its success and concerns. At the January School Board Meeting, the sketch plans for the South Meridian addition (8 classes, 250+ increase in student seats, 2-story addition, wheelchair accessible). BCHydro will be replacing a transformer and needed a right of way at David
There was discussion on the Indigenous achievements and the Board will be asking for a meeting with the Chiefs of our local land based First Nations, Katzie and Semiahmoo to discuss those achievements.
The Trustee’s thanked the Committee for suggesting that one of the Trustees be a part of the District H&S Joint Committee and will be brining that forward in the Spring