If you are a Caretaker employee, you can find information pertaining to your specific job on this page. This page will be continually updated by information from your Shop Steward.  Please check back frequently.

Edward Parsotam

cell: 604-812-2611


CUPE 728 President              email:

  • Caretaker (Caretaker I)
  • Custodian (Caretaker III)
  • Day Custodian (Caretaker IV)
  • Day Custodian (Caretaker V)
  • District Theater Attendant
  • Head Caretaker (Caretaker II)
  • Senior Head Caretaker (Caretaker II)
  • Senior Head Caretaker (Caretaker III)
  • Senior Head Caretaker (Caretaker IV)
  • Senior Head Caretaker (Caretaker V)


Caretaker Unit Meeting

Please check back soon for the next meeting.  If you have a suggestion on a topic you would like covered, please email your shop steward