Delegates to CUPE Metro

The council serves CUPE locals in the geographical region within (but not exclusive to) the lower mainland of British Columbia.  Elections are done at the September meeting.  They shall be required to report at each regular general membership meeting of the Local on proceedings at recent meetings.

The 2022 Delegates to CUPE Metro Vancouver District Council include:

  • Joleen Turgeon
  • Amanda Williams
  • Karen Nicoletti
  • Lisa Kennedy
  • Tammy Murphy
  • Theresa Pidcock
  • Debra Merrier
  • Nora Hooper
  • Allan Henricks
  • Laura Hagar-Gaube
  • Shelley Saje Ricci
  • Shannon Levinsky
  • Edward Parsotam
  • Blair Hofer


CUPE Metro report March 2021

On Thursday night, March 11, the theme at CUPE Metro was elections.

Our first election was for the position of Secretary Treasurer. It was great to see Dennis Donnelly from CUPE 1004 acclaimed. Congrats to Dennis and thank you to the retiring Secretary Treasurer Patti Price from CUPE 1091 for a your hard work and dedication.

Our next votes were to endorse candidates for the At Large positions coming up at the CUPE BC convention. Here’s the results. Thanks to all candidates who want to serve our members!

Karen Ranalletta – President

Trevor Davies- Secretary Treasurer

Michelle Waite- General Vice President

Nicole Edmundson- General Vice President

Sheryl Burns- General Vice President

Andrew Ledger- General Vice President

Debbie Mobahir- Trustee

The actual vote will take place on-line at CUPE BC Convention between May 19 – May 21st. For more information on the convention, click here

Congrats and good luck!

We also want to make sure that our members are aware that CUPE Metro established a hardship fund a few months ago with 60 000 budget. Currently, members can contact the CUPE 728 office for more information.

There was discussion on vaccinations being provided to CUPE members who are aged 60 or older, and a motion was put to the floor The motion is: To ask Cupe BC to write the Minister of Health to give COVID 19 vaccination priorities to school support workers starting from workers 60 years and older. Cupe BC will structure the letter.

CUPE 728 Metro Delegates