Endless Savings


CUPE728 is excited to offer the CUPE728 Member Discount Program.  This program offers hundreds of savings from a variety of merchants available on your smart phone.  Powered by Endless Savings & More (EMS), this program is available to CUPE728 and their families.  Just install the Endless Savings App on your smart phone, put in the organization code (cupe728) and turn on your location when you want to find savings near by (poster with info is below).

If you come across any other businesses that provides discounts and/or discounted rates to our members please email our Communications Officer at commofficer@cupe728.ca

Please note that the following businesses have the right to change their discounts and/or discounted rates at any time and without any notification.  We do advise that you contact the business prior to visiting to make sure that the discount is still active and what necessary identification is needed (ex. staff picture ID, a recent pay stub, etc).  Please also note that there may be certain rules/exclusions regarding the discount.

May 2024 Update



In addition to the savings from Endless Savings, below you will find additional savings provided to you for being an SD36 employee (please note, businesses have the right to change/alter their savings without providing us notice):


EMC Mortgages is happy to offer our Summer Rate Extension of 4.84% (APR: 4.898%) for a 5-year term. Offer valid until July 31, 2024.

EMC Mortgages offers the Mortgage Savings Program for CUPE 728 members.

EMC Mortgages is happy to offer our Summer Rate Extension of 4.84% (APR: 4.898%) for a 5-year term. Offer valid until July 31, 2024.

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  • EMC has helped 1000’s of CUPE 728 members for over 27 years
  • Access to volume discounts on mortgage interest rates
  • Purchases, refinances, renewals, and transfers
  • Equity take-outs, Debt consolidation, Lines of credit

Don’t take our word for it, here are some testimonials from clients we’ve helped in the past!

Contact us at 604-739-0320 or emc@emcmortgages.ca and mention you’re with CUPE 728!


The Apple Store provides our members width an ‘Education Discounts’ on home-use products.  These include $50-$200 off Mac computers (the discount amount depends on the computer), $20 of IPads, and $60-$80 off Apple Care (the protection plan).  This discount can be used at any Apple Store in the lower mainland and on-line.  Your staff ID is required.  http://www.apple.com/ca/




Discount offer is offered exclusively over the phone by calling 1 833 237 0600 – www.bell.ca/EPP




Brinco Financial Services Inc.

CUPE 728 members and their family can now access customized Life and Health Insurance Products. Brinco Financial Inc. offers Term Life, Critical Illness, Disability, and Permanent Life Insurance.

Our experienced brokers will work exclusively with you to ensure you get the right individual insurance at the right price. All individual discounts and savings are built into each personalized policy. The Brinco Advantage is fast, easy and convenient.

To learn more call us at 604-714-1415 or visit www.brincocanada.com.


Dollar & Cents provides our members with 10% off craft/school supplies.  Your staff ID is required. http://www.dollarsandcentsstores.com/


Club 16 and She’s Fit provides our members with a discount on a variety of their memberships.  Some of the memberships include access to all She’s Fit/Club 16 locations as well as access to free tanning (only offered at locations with tanning facilities).  Staff ID and current paystub is required. https://www.trevorlindenfitness.com/


The YMCA provides a 10% discount on memberships.  This is their corporate rate.  https://gv.ymca.ca/

For locations near you, click here

For programs that the YMCA offers, click here



Image result for Surrey School DistrictEmployee computer purchase program – (Dell/Apple discount).  Info about computer program is available on the IMS website

Cloverdale Paint offers our members a 30% discount.  Staff ID is required.

Fore store locations and house, click here


iQ InsuranceCUPE 728 employees and their family can now access premium home insurance products from iQ Insurance Services. iQ’s experienced brokers will work with you directly to ensure you get the right insurance for your individual needs including all your entitled discounts and savings. iQ Insurance Services offer home, auto, tenant’s and business.

Click here to learn more or call 1.844.467.4747, visit whttps://www.iqinsurance.ca/cupe-728ww.iqinsurance.ca


Lordco  30% discount on the suggested manufacturing price at all their locations (these prices are slightly lower than posted prices).  This includes car parts, repairs and glass.  Staff ID is required.  http://www.lordco.com/


Many hotels in the United States and Canada provide corporate rates to government employees.  You may need to bring the proper identification at time of check-in (ex. a recent paystub and/or employee ID badge).  You can find the information on the following website:


Micheal’s Craft Store provides our members with a 15% discount.  Please note there are a few exceptions to this discount (books/magazines/Cricket supplies).  This discount does apply to sale items.  Staff ID is required.

For store locations, click here

Chapter’s provides our members with a $5 discount on memberships.  Staff ID is required

For store locations, click here



Why choose Bell Mobility?


  1. Exclusive pricing up to 30% off select in-market rates
  2. Unlimited plans now available which protects employees from receiving data overage charges
  3. All phones are $0 up front allowing employees to take advantage of the latest and greatest devices
  4. New shareable plans allowing employees to share with family/friends and attach additional devices such as tablets and smartwatches
  5. New device return option which allows employees to receive additional discounts on hardware upfront
  6. Maximum of 5 EPP subscribers per employee account

 Additional Information:

 We also conduct WebEx information sessions for employees.

  • EPP pricing subject to change
  • Existing Bell Mobility Consumer customers who change to Bell EPP pricing will be charged a $50 migration fee plus remaining device balance
  • Must provide eligible proof of employment to get this offer (Corporate Email address)
  • One time connection charge applies to new activations at $45 per line

https://www.bell.ca/Mobility/Employee-Purchase-Plan – Link to view current EPP pricing and discounted devices.


The City of Surrey Recreation Facilities offers our members memberships at a discount.  Staff ID and a recent pay-stub are required.


 Hotel and travel accommodations in the United States and Canada can provide corporate rates to our members (since they are government employees).  You may need to bring the proper identification at time of check-in (ex. a recent pay-stub and/or employee ID badge).


Rogers provides our members with access to their Corporate Rate on their cell phone plans.  Please contact them directly for information.