Local 728’s Trustees

The Trustees shall audit the books of the Secretary-Treasurer and shall exercise general supervision over the property of the Local Union.  There will be a total of three Trustees, one shall be elected each year for three years.  The Trustees shall examine the books and records of the Secretary-Treasurer at least half yearly or every six months and shall report to the next regular general membership meeting of the Local Union following the end of each half year, on the condition of the funds and accounts, the number of members in good standing, the number initiated, expelled or suspended, admitted or withdrawn, together with such information they may deem necessary, to the efficient and honest administration of the Local Union.  They shall transmit a copy of such report to the National Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.  One Trustee shall act as chairman and the President shall be so notified.

The 3-yr Term Committee consists of the following member:

  • Eric Jaworski elected 2022-2025
  • Rabia Waraich elected 2023-2026
  • Lisa Kennedy elected 2024-2027