Maintenance Non Trades

If you are a part of Maintenance Non Trades Unit SD36, you can find information provided by your Shop Steward pertaining to your specific job on this page.  Please check back often to make sure you are updated.

Contact Info for  Maintenance Non Trades Shop Steward:

Liam Hawthorne



If you require more assistance please contact:

CUPE 728 President        email:

  • Audio Visual Technician
  • Help Desk Technologist
  • Information Services Technologist
  • LAN Technologist
  • Network Technologist Specialist Start
  • Network Technologist Specialist Year I
  • Network Technologist Specialist Year II
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Repair Technician Information Services
  • Senior Repair Technician Information Services
  • Senior Help Desk Technologist
  • Senior Info. Services Technologist
  • Senior User Support Technologist
  • Systems Application Specialist Start
  • Systems Application Specialist Year I
  • Systems Applications Specialist Year II
  • Systems Trainer
  • Team Leaders, IMS
  • Bus Driver
    Equipment Operator I
    Equipment Operator II
    Equipment Operator III
    Facilities Technologist Start
    Facilities Technologist Year I
    Facilities Technologist Year II
    Facilities Technologist II
    Groundskeeper Start
    Groundskeeper Year I
    Groundskeeper Year II
    Maintenance Planner
    Material Foreperson
    Non trades Foreperson
    Shipper Receiver
  • Storekeeper Year I
    Storekeeper Year II
  • Utility Worker Start
    Utility Worker Year I
    Utility Worker Year II