Sick Bank & Benefit Fund

If you have any questions regarding your Sick Bank or Benefits Fund please email Please remember to use a personal email account (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc).

Debra Merrier (Chair) – 2nd Vice President

Cory Hyslop Secretary-Treasurer

Laura Hagar-Gaube elected Oct/21 – Oct/24

Theresa Pidcock elected Oct/21 – Oct/24  

Cassie Deezar elected Oct/22 – Oct/25 

Allan Henricks elected Oct/22 – Oct/25

Des Caines elected Oct/23 – Oct 26

Amanda Williams eleted Oct/23 – Oct/26

Committee Reports

Each month the Committee members are asked to do a committee report on what has transpired over the past month.  Below you will find the last 4 months worth of reports.

For information on the Sick Bank, check out the Bylaws, starting on page 17