Retroactive Pay

Hello CUPE members,

Please be advised that Payroll is currently working on calculating retro payment as per ratified collective agreement and payment is targeted to be paid March 17. We appreciate your patience while we are working on the calculations as it is a very complex process and we are working hard to ensure its accuracy and request to hold onto any inquiries related to retro pay until it is processed and paid


Join Us tomorrow Feb 22 to help bring awareness to and prevent bullying. Wear pink/be kind if possible and let’s stand together.

CUPE 728 – Tentative Agreement

After some complications in our last hours of bargaining (and with an extension from BCPSEA), CUPE 728 came to a tentative agreement with the Surrey School District just after midnight on the 26th of January.  The committee was bargaining for 28 days, the last 2 weeks were into the late hours of the night.  Today, January 26, at 3:30pm we signed off on our MOA (Memorandum of Agreement).  I would like to thank the bargaining committee, Theresa Pidcock, Karen Nicoletti, Shannon Levinsky, George Hardy, Amanda Williams, Gaylene Garceau, Andrew Truman, Mark Kawakami, Nora Hooper, Allan Henricks and our National Rep Jocelyn Morgan for putting in such long hours with tireless commitment to the process and to the membership.  They have all paused their lives to help improve the working conditions for all members.  Although we did not get everything we were fighting for, we did make large gains and had no concessions.

Thank you for your patience. The MOA will be sent out as soon as possible.

In Solidarity,

Tammy Murphy,

On behalf of the bargaining committee.

Saturday Jan 21 – Cancelled

It is after 11:30pm on Thursday night and I am writing on behalf of your bargaining committee to announce that we are cancelling the Special meeting scheduled for this Saturday January 21st.  Unfortunately, we have not yet come to an agreement with the Employer.  While we are scheduled to resume bargaining tomorrow, we do not anticipate that we will arrive at a memorandum of agreement with the Employer in time to send out to you, the members, with time to review prior to Saturday’s scheduled meeting. Please keep watching for updates as we are in a critical time at the bargaining table.  The bargaining committee is asking for your support while we continue to push the issues that you mandated us to bargain on. Please be aware that pursuant to the notice served at the January 18th general meeting, the new Ratification date will either be Saturday February 4th or 11th. The meeting will be held on Zoom. 

Thank you for your support, on behalf of your bargaining committee

Thank you for your support, on behalf of your bargaining committee

Transportation Failures

*** Any members who put in for a transportation failure leave on December 20, please contact your shop steward with your Name, employee number, department and if you were denied or approved. ***

Thank you.

***Important Zoom Meeting*** Jan 7 @10am

Jan 7′, We will vote on the temporary change for this year’s ratification, 2023. This is to remove the 10-day notice due to the time-sensitivity of the deadline of the 25th.
Will also be voting on the new bylaw changes presented on December 21. Zoom link to follow. Please make sure to join us on Jan 7th. Jan 21st will be out ratification date.

***December 21***

Our final GM of the year is coming up fast. Starting at 4pm we will have a special presentation from our bylaws committee with our GM beginning at 6pm. Please make sure you are able to make it out. We will be voting on our bylaws that evening.