ABA/EA Postings – Bell Centre

June 24, 2022 @ 8:00 am
Surrey Bell Centre
6250 – 144th Street
Surrey BC V3X 1A1

EA/ABA posting – Friday, June 24/22, live at Bell Theater @ 8:00 am.

We will award ABA postings first. The EA postings will not begin before 10:00.

Postings will go online for viewing on Monday, June 20/22.

As there is limited parking at the Bell Centre we encourage you to car pool with others and if you are an EA arriving closer to 10am will help to alleviate some of the parking as those posting into ABA positions will be able to leave. 

If an employee is qualified for both EA and ABA they can only post for one. So if they post for an ABA position first they cannot then try and post for an EA position once the EA posting begins.