If you have any questions regarding your Sick Bank or Benefits Fund please email office@cupe728.ca Please remember to use a personal email account (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc).

  • Randy Fennell (part of 2nd Vice President position)
  • Eric Jaworski (part of Secretary Treasurer position)
  • George Hardy elected Oct/16 – Oct/19
  • Cory Hyslop elected Oct/16 – Oct/19
  • Vacant (Oct/14 – Oct/17)
  • Brad Carlberg elected Oct/14 – Oct/17
  • Tim Tyler elected Oct/15 – Oct/18
  • Marcey Campbell elected Oct/15 – Oct/18


October 26, 2016 – Overall,  doing well.  We are now providing medical benefits to members who are not covered by anyone and do apply to our committee.  This is covered for up to 3 months on a trial basis.  Issues with school district in regards to a few members.

Jan 2017 – Committee has met and is working on the last changes of the Sick Bank Benefits Fund in the Constitution.  Check the Chronicle for updates