Entertainment Committee shall comprise of not less than three (3) members.  It shall be the function of this Committee to arrange and conduct all social and recreational activities of the Local as a result of decisions made at regular general membership meetings.  All reports and proposals of this Committee be made available to the members for information at the next regular general membership meeting, following presentation to the Executive.  Also, the reports and proposals are to be published in the monthly Chronicle that precedes the meeting the reports and proposals are tabled at.

ENTERTAINMENT elected in April 2017

  • Edward Parsotam – Chair

  • Shelley Saje Ricci

  • Shannon Levinsky

  • Eric Jaworski  

  • Mike Brase

  • Don Jackson

  • Tammy Murphy

  • Allan Henricks

  • Marcey Campbell

  • Karen Nicoletti                                                         

  • Maryann Watts

  • Laura Hager-Gaube – Recording Secretery 


Oct 2017 – the Committee has secured December 9th 2017 for the Adult Christmas Party at the Crown Plaza.  More information will be provided in the October Chronicle.  We will be providing FREE tickets to those members that attended 5+ CUPE728 events and/or General Membership meetings.  Tickets are now on sale.