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mar 2017

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1. Nominations for the Executive Board
2. Elect 4 members to attend Spring 2017 Weeklong School – Kamloops, May 28 – June 2/17. See below for workshops. For more details on the workshop go to:
Workshops in brief:
1. Introduction to Stewarding & 5 Steward LearningSeries Modules
2. CUPE Introduction to Human Rights
3. Communicating CUPE/Social Media
4. Health & Safey Series
5. Local Executive Training
If elected to attend the above weeklong school, contact the union office before April 14 in order to secure your spot.


I hope everyone had a great family day.
We currently have 47 grievances on the books. All but a couple Step 2’s have been done and we are now working with our National Rep and the Stewards to proceed with the Step 3’s. We moved two grievances to arbitration last quarter. Our executive have worked extra hard with having a number of Step 3 meetings already.
Thank you to the Local for sending me to week long education in Harrison. I was fortunate to take Arbitration level one. Thank you to all the maintenance and caretakers who worked hard over the school closure days to make the school walkways and entrances safe for everyone. The Union has received so many well wishes from all over thanking all of you for all your hard work.
We held our Advocating for Education forum last month and it was a successful night, with some great speakers and an amazing video addressing the underfunding of education in the past 16 years. With the recent provincial budget announcement, other recent project announcements and the corresponding dollars thrown at the education sector, it’s now more apparent than ever that the current government is trying to make up for a decade plus of chronic underfunding of education which affects all of us. Please make your voice heard, come May 9th and let the current government know that we will no longer stand for a government that doesn’t make the education sector a priority. Remember, our current Collective Agreement ends in 2019 and which government would you want in power when it comes time to negotiate.
We have mentioned before about starting up workload committees. We are looking for members to sit on these committees and help our stewards bring to the employer’s attention the continued unreasonable workloads that exist throughout the district. The three workload committees we are starting are Clerical, EA and Caretaker.
A reminder that unpaid work is neither allowed or permitted. So, if your administrator or manager is knowingly allowing you to work through breaks, start early, work late, take it home, etc, it is NOT allowed.
During our last education course at the Union office I was reminded of a statement that really needs to be considered. You never know what has happened or taken place, whether it be recently, five minutes before work or the last few months. If someone is not acting their usual self, please try to take this into consideration. Everyone has an off day and we should strive to be more empathetic rather than judgmental. Without respect for others we can not grow positively. I would also like to remind everyone that through our employment we also have access to EFAP (Employee and Family Assistance Plan) a variety of counselling programs and services that are free and confidential. Call 1-800-663-1142.
In Solidarity; Ryan Groundwater

As we close in on May 9, 2017 we need to step back and remember. Remind ourselves that the government we are seeing now is not the same government we’ve had for the last four years. Right as the E-Day grows closer, this government is promising to spend money on you. On new schools, roads, hospitals, hell, even cutting back your MSP costs. Well this isn’t the government we’ve endured for the last 16 years and I can guarantee you this will not be the same government if they get re-elected in May. What we can expect out of the BC Liberals is more years of policies that benefit the wealthy and well connected in this province. All while they make everyday life harder and harder for the low and middle income families.
We have seen it at our own jobs, how over the last sixteen years our workloads have increased, how funding cuts directly affect our jobs, how we are asked to do more and more, yet at the bargaining table demanding we take less and less. We all see us falling behind. We witness every day the education system falling farther behind. When we go to the bargaining table in 2019 we need to have a new government sitting opposite of us. One that knows how important our work is, how important education is.
Enough is enough. We must stop this. We must change our government on May 9th. And we need everyone’s help to do this. So, I’m asking you to do this; give two hours to your local NDP riding. Go door knocking, help data entry, hand out leaflets. If you can’t do this, then take a sign for your yard, share NDP posts on social media, have those tough conversations with your family and friends, let them know this government is hurting, hurting how you can do your job. And most importantly on May 9th, 2017 get out and vote. Vote for Change. Vote for a new government. Vote for a party that wants to fund education. Vote for the NDP!
In Solidarity; Randy Fennell

Recently CUPE 728 offered its members and Executive a 2-day Health & Safety Workshop. It was a fantastic workshop. We would like to share with our members the 4 Rights of Workers:
1) Right to Know (your rights, responsibilities, the safety measures, job concerns)
2) Right to Participate (the right to ask, the right to have control, right to participate in controlling a hazard, right to be involved, to participate in proper training.)
3) Right to Refuse (unsafe work)
4) Right to No Discrimination
In Solidarity: Marcy Campbell, Allen Henricks, Dave Harding, Val Cadamia

I would like to thank the membership for sending me to a Week long WCB Level 2 course in January. It is imperative that you fill out the Incident Reports anytime you are injured. This includes, but is not limited to injuries from students (hits, kicks, pinches, scratches, etc.), injuries from machinery, any slips/falls on district property, etc. If you see a co-worker being injured please also fill out the on-line form.
In Solidarity; Marcey Campbell

Our local will be putting on a 2 day workshop in May. More information on how to register will be in the April Chronicle. Those on the waiting list from before will be contacted by phone.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership for allowing me to fill in as the Secondary/Spareboard Shop Steward. Below are a few reminders, not for just EAs, but all staff:
– Unless it is an absolute emergency situation, please do not book a vacation without having your time off approved. We have had several staff who have booked flights/trips without first consulting HR
– If you are on the EA Spareboard call-out you are expected to be available 5 days a week, unless it has been pre-determined by HR. If you are going to miss a day of work, you must notify HR of your absence. Refusing to answer a call-out is not the proper protocol.
– If you see a co-worker who has been injured or who has had a near-miss happen to them, we are asking that you too fill out the On-line Incident Report. This is found under the E-forms on the Employee Self-Serve website (
In Solidarity: Marcey Campbell

CCW’S must work a minimum of 6.4 hours per day. This is not up for negotiation with your Admin. Please contact me if you are not working these hours.
For those CCW’s who are accepting EA spareboard positions, please remember to note on your time sheet that it is an EA position. You will be paid the EA rate of pay, not the CCW rate.
In Solidarity; Shirley Hofmann

A great big thank you to those of you that came out to the clerical unit meeting. I really appreciated your input and ideas. Will be having another one in May.
We will be starting a Work Load Committee shortly and if you are interested in being on it, please email me and I can provide you with the information.
I am currently looking for a “diary” of daily activity from clerks so we can provide a better outlook to those who don’t understand what we do on a daily basis and to substantiate the work load and overwork that is being done. Please call me if you have any questions.
If you haven’t been told lately that you are appreciated, well let me just say that each and every one of you are amazing and you are appreciated! Thank you and keep up the good work!
Wishing you all a fun and relaxing spring break, you deserve it! Remember to make our next General Membership Meeting “date night with the girls”! Look forward to seeing you on March 29th!
In Solidarity: Shannon Levinsky

Below is a list of members who have sent in thank you cards this month after receiving flowers or retirement gifts from the membership.
Frances C – retirement Sandra M. – get well
Carlos A. – retirement Nicole P. – get well
Marc R. – get well Wendi C. – sympathy
Michelle W. – get well Andrea M. – get well
Debra B. – get well Lynsey D. – get well
Anita K. – get well Janice – get well
Liz B. – get well Adelaida D. – get well
Sarena R. – get well Marion H. – retirement
Angela M. – get well

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