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 October 18, 2017

 8:00 P.M.

 Enver Creek Secondary


 14505 84 Ave Surrey

 There will be signage at the front door directing you where to go.









If you have an issue or a question pertaining to work, please call your Shop Steward, leave a message on the phone number listed below.  They will contact you when they are available.  The Union office will only refer you to your Shop Steward. 


Attendant               Lisa Greenslade               604-866-4126

Clerical                   Shannon Levinsky           778-808-3917

Caretaker              George Hardy                  604-812-2611

Main Trade         Mark Kawakami               604-723-1921

Main Non Trade Tim Tyler                           604-813-1799

Student Support   Shirley Hofmann            778-808-5823

EA Elementary     Tammy Murphy             778-808-4483

EA Sec/Spareboard        

                Debra Merrier                                    604-818-2019




  1. Elect one trustee term 2015-2018
  2. Elect 2 members to the Sick Bank Committee for a 3 year term (Oct 2017- Oct 2020)
  3. Elect up to 14 delegates to CUPE Metro District Council
  4. Elect up to 11 delegates to New West & District Labour Council





3:30 – 6:30

October 12, 2017







NOVEMBER 3 & 4, 2017



15350 99 AVE

9:00 – 4:00


Lunch will be provided


Limited space available.  This is on a first come basis.  Please call or email the union office to register 604-576-2873 or office@cupe728.ca.  You must put a deposit of $20.00 down (cash only) before Oct 27 to confirm your spot.  This will be returned to you on the Saturday after the workshop is finished.




     A very busy month under our belts and our Stewards phones are ringing off the hook.  Congratulations to all the new committee members who put their names forward.  Now is just the beginning of your work. 

     Committees are very rewarding and fun.  As almost all the committees will be electing chairs, I would like to remind everyone that a chair’s position is not taken lightly.  It can potentially break or make a committee.  So please think carefully how much time you can allocate before putting your name forward to become the chair of a committee. 

     I was honoured to sit on the National Resolutions Committee and represent not only our local but the voice of B.C. on this committee.  As this report will have come in before convention start, there will be a more thorough report to follow. 

     We continue to chip away at grievances with few being filed this month and an Arbitration settlement at the last minute, avoiding going to Arbitration.

     Workload continues to be a problem at most schools and from what I am hearing, the movement of students causing a lot of headaches for both the clerical staff and EA’s.  Please contact your Stewards if you are still having issues. 

     I’d like to thank the board for acknowledging all the hard work undertaken by our Caretakers and Maintenance staff last winter.  Two great recognition lunches were provided by the board as a way to say to help say thank you for all our members hard work last winter.  


In Solidarity; Ryan Groundwater



    Hello to everyone and happy Fall!   I do hope that everyone has been able to get back into a routine of school being in session.  I would like to thank all our members who came out to Holland Park to celebrate Labour Day on September 4th, 2017.  We had great weather and saw some wonderful speakers. 

     I would also like to thank everyone that came out and voted at the last General Membership meeting.  It was wonderful to see such a great turnout.  A BIG thank you to the past and current Constitution & By-Laws Committee for all their hard work in getting this organized.  I am happy to say that all the motions were passed.  Once we get the approval from CUPE National we will inform our members on our website as to when they will take effect.

     This month has been a busy month in regard to WCB.  Recently, we have created a template letter that informs our employer if you are wanting to work past the age of 65.  This is an important letter to fill out on the off-chance you do get injured on the job.  When calculating your benefits award, WCB assumes that you will be retiring at the age of 65, even though BC does not have a mandatory retirement age.  Please contact 1stvp@cupe728.ca if you would like a copy of the letter. 

     Many of your Shop Stewards have put on or are currently organizing Unit Meetings.  These meetings are specifically for our department and are a great way to stay informed.  Please contact your Shop Steward for information on when the next unit Meeting is and/or check out the Events Calendar I our website at www.cupe728.ca for more information. 

     This past month I had a few meetings with the employer regarding on-line reporting.  It is imperative that you fill out a report on-line if you get injured or experience an intense near-miss.  If you do miss work or have to buy health care items due to a workplace injury, you will still need to call WorkSafe BC. 


In Solidarity; Marcey Campbell




“He just saw Dr. Summeroff”

“I have bad days, but I still come into work”

“you can get a doctor to sign anything”

 We have all heard comments like these.  The comments about those who have invisible injuries.  Often these comments are made by the same people who have such enormous sympathy for our coworkers who have suffered physical injuries or battling chronic diseases, even cancer. 

 We must always remember that just because we cannot see or maybe even understand these illnesses, pain is pain.  Support your comrades in work.  Don’t question why they are off, or ill, just offer your support and understanding.

 When one of us hurts we should all try to take away some of the pain by being caring and supportive coworkers.

 And remember, if you’re feeling like you are suffering from a hidden illness, make sure you get help from a professional.  See your Doctor.  Sometimes these issues can be very complex and hard to diagnose.

 Suffering in silence is never the answer. 


In Solidarity:  Randy Fennell




     I would like to welcome all our members that signed up for the Women’s Committee this year!

     To all our CUPE728 members, don’t forget that if you have any new/gently used purses and any unused toiletries, please drop them off at the Union Office or bring them to the next General Membership meeting. 

     The Women’s Committee will be having our first meeting very soon and we look forward to this coming year!


In Solidarity; Marcey Campbell





The Union is currently in the process of formulating a Workload Grievance.  The Union strongly believes that Caretaker Workloads are well beyond what would be considered a “Reasonable Workload” as stipulated in our Collective Agreement. 


The District is currently under orders from WorkSafe BC to correct the following two deficiencies


  1. Not utilizing a “Worker Representative” when completing accident and investigations for Caretakers.
  2. The District not doing “Risk Assessments” for Caretakers.


It is both the responsibility and requirement of every Employer to ensure they are not harming their Employees when giving work assignments.


Your Union is trying to get an Occupational Health and Safety Committee for Caretakers.  As it stands at the moment Caretakers only have one seat on one Committee. Hardly acceptable.  All other classifications have significantly greater representation. 


In Solidarity; George Hardy





I hope everyone is having a smooth entry to the new school year.  I would like to say Happy first anniversary to our revamped website www.Cupe728.ca.  Our website is a valuable tool for everyone in our union.  We provide a lot of information on it for our members and it is updated on a regular basis.  We link our social media platforms to our website so anyone with any internet access can see our posts even if they don’t use Facebook or Twitter.  We have been nominated for national award from CUPE.  We should know sometime during the National Convention in Toronto.


I just want to review a couple of things for both new and veteran members of our local.


– Please watch what you post on social media because the employer can see a lot and if you post anything in a negative way towards them it may get back to them and put you in an awkward position.


– The second thing is regarding using your school district email.  Please only use your school email for employer’s business, it is their property and they can monitor it at any time.  That means yes, they can go in and read your emails.  We as a union will not respond for the most part to an inquiry sent from a member using a district email as a reply.  We do this because communication between the union and its members should be confidential and shouldn’t for the most part be shared with the employer.  We also will not send our electronic copy of our newsletter to a district email address.

 Also, if you are changing you address please send it   directly to the office at office@cupe728.ca.

I would like some ideas from our members on what you would like to see on the website and social media, so we can have the information that you want.  Please drop me a message on the website, through social media, or email me at commofficer@cupe728.ca.


In Solidarity:  Allan Henricks





     Welcome back! If you are interested in joining the EA Workload Committee please contact 1stvp@cupe728.ca

     The goal of this committee will be to meet every 4-6 weeks, gather information about the actual workload concerns our Education assistants are experiencing and to be able to provide solutions while working alongside the employer. 

Our first meeting will be near the end of October, so please sign up quickly.

     Don’t forget we have a NEW and updated SubBook to use.  It is imperative that you fill it out, use it and keep it updated.  Please also insure that the summary portion of the SubBook is filled out. 

     We have our first unit meeting in the theatre at johnston Heights on Thursday, October 12th at 3:30pm.  Please have your topic suggestions into Tammy or Debra ASAP.


In Solidarity: Marcey Campbell 





December 2, 2017


10:00 am – 2:00 pm



7003 188 St



Registration form will be in the Nov Chronicle or you can email office@cupe728.ca with the following information:



Member name (how many adults attending), Children’s name, age and gender.



So… you think you gave have a Grievance?


A Grievance is a violation of the Employee’s right on the job.  These rights are those obtained through bargaining and from our Collective agreement.  It is the Steward’s job to determine what right was violated or if the grievance is legitimate. 


For example: Is it a complaint or an official grievance?


  1. Most Employees’ rights are contained in the Collective Agreement, so this is the first place you as a Member must look to see if there is a grievance.  If the Grievance is a clear-cut violation of the Collective Agreement, it should be relatively straight forward to prove.  However, if the issue at hand is an interpretive issue it can be more difficult.  Either one, constitutes a legitimate Grievance.  If it is an interpretive issue, your Steward in concert with President and National Representative will review previous arbitration cases on similar or same language and this will form the basis of your Steward’s argument. 


  1. Violation of Provincial Law.  Here you Steward may be filling a Grievance, dealing directly with the appropriate agency to solve the issue or may do both.  It may be a Health and Safety violation or Human Rights violation, both of which deal with Provincial Government Agencies.  Your Collective Agreement will have specific language on this. 


  1. Violation of past practice in the Workplace.  This can also form the basis for a Grievance, particularly in areas where the Collective Agreement is silent or unclear or where a past practice has been violated by Management.  To be considered as a past practice, the circumstances must have been:


  1. Repeated over an extended period of time.
  2. Accepted explicitly or implicitly by both workers and management. Ex:  by verbal agreement or in writing without either side formally objecting.
  3. A violation of the Collective Agreement that neither side has demanded this part of the Collective Agreement be enforced.


  1. Complaints must be dealt with.  If you think your rights have been violated, contact your Steward.  They will do the investigation and let you know whether there has been a violation.  If there hasn’t, they will clearly explain why.


In Solidarity; George Hardy






Below is a list of members who have sent in thank you cards this month after receiving flowers or retirement gifts from the membership.


Rose McG. – get well                          Janine R. – get well

Blesilda D. – get well                          Karen R. – get well

Lisa C. – get well                                 Claude P. – get well

Maron J. – get well                              Surinder A. – get well

Tracey F. – bereavement                   Atish S. – get well

Myrna B. – get well                             Chimene W. – get well

Zhanna G. – get well                           Susan A. – get well

Sharon G. – get well                            Sharon G. – bereavement

Gillian H. – get well                            Wendell K. – thank you


If one of your co-workers is away from work because they have lost a loved one, please contact the union office.  We are only notified if a member is away sick from work.