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senority list

1. Elect 3 delegates to attend CLC Conference, May 8 – 12/17, Toronto
2. Elect 10 delegates to attend Building Strong Locals Conference, Apr 3 – 6/17, Halifax
3. Motion: Changes to the Sick Bank and Benefit Fund Constitution & Bylaws. (see below for details)
education open house
What is JEIS, LTD and how do they work?
There is a lot of information to fully understand the entirety of the program and its policies etc. this article is here to provide some of the more important information.
Let’s start with a bit of background. The PEBT (Public Education Benefits Trust Fund) was created in 2002 and is sponsored by both BCPSEA (British Columbia Public Schools Employers Association) and CUPE. The PEBT is operated by a Board of Trustees representing both school districts and support staff in the K-12 sector.
JEIS (Joint Early Intervention Service) and LTD (Long Term Disability) support is provided by Desjardins Financial Security. They are the people who contact you after you have been absent from work due to illness for more than 6 consecutive working days. A member who is eligible to qualify for core LTD benefits is one working a minimum 15 hours a week or more. Unfortunately members over the age of 65 are unable to collect LTD Benefits.
All members are required to participate in the JEIS program and cooperate with Desjardins and their associates. If a member refuses to participate, it could delay or jeopardize LTD benefits. Members are also required to participate even if the claim is initially a WorkSafeBC claim.
Participation is mandatory.
More often than not a JEIS Package containing a Certificate will be sent to a member. The member will then have their physician complete this one page Certificate. This Certificate will provide general information regarding the injury/illness.
The first 120 days is considered your short term disability period. After 120 days, LTD takes over. The first 120 day period of sick leave will be paid through a member’s personal sick time, Union Sick Bank or a combination of the two. After 120 (calendar) days you will need to qualify for LTD to be financially compensated.
It is extremely important to cooperate with Desjardins, the employer and the Union in order for the process to be a smooth one in order for a successful recover and return to work.
In Solidarity; Ryan Groundwater
New Schools
The Ministry of Education has announced the commitment of $217 million for new classrooms in the Surrey School District, as well as the establishment of a project board intended to accelerate the construction of new student space.
The funding will be allocated over the next three years, resulting in up to 5,200 new student seats in Surrey.
Public funding for elementary and high school education in BC fell by 25% as a share of the province’s economic pie between 2001 and 2016 – from 3.3% of GDP to a projected 2.5% in 2016. BC has the second-lowest level of public education
funding in the country – nearly $1,000 per student below the national average. To top it off, hundreds of millions of public taxpayer dollars are diverted into private schools every year.
This announcement does nothing to address the underfunding of our students in Surrey or BC. It only addresses the use of portables. Yes, we need new schools, but if funding levels are not brought up to proper levels we are not addressing the real problem in education today. Every day I see committed workers doing everything they can to fill this funding gap, which is unsustainable. New schools are great news but it’s not the only thing needed to improve our children’s education. On May 9, 2017, let’s send a message to Victoria and elect a new government, a NDP government. This is a dollar short and a day late.
Optimism Is Better Than Despair
We were all shocked by the scene. Ambulances, police cars, flashing lights. The news of peaceful worshippers shot, both injured and killed. Heart breaking, shocking and so not what we think can happen in our country.
But as we watch the news every night we are seeing a side to our world that is very troublesome. It all cumulated with an election with our southern neighbours. But I believe it started much earlier than this. Politicians have used fear and divisive tactics for some time now. Whether it’s Donald Trump, Kellie Leitch, Kevin O’Leary, Fox News or Stephen Harper and his “Barbaric Cultural Practices” and “old-stock Canadians” we are being bombarded with these despicable messages.
All I can ask is don’t give in to these messages. Don’t let this frame us as human beings. Stand up against bigotry, hatred, misogyny! Whether its correcting misleading Trump “facts” in conversations, engaging friends and family on Facebook, making a sign and heading to the streets for an organized rally, or lighting a candle in a vigil for those innocents hurt by these violent hurtful acts, it all makes a difference. Every action makes a difference. And if you feel alone, powerless, just know that you are not. We can make a difference, and the union movement has always made that difference into action.
So let’s all join together and stand up for justice, acceptance and solidarity. If you are going to a rally, a march, a speech, an information session, let your friends know, let your union know, let me know and we’ll be there standing united with you. Remember these words by the late Jack Layton, which help me get through these hard times; Love is better than anger, Hope is better than fear, Optimism is better than despair.
In Solidarity; Randy Fennell
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may be required for you to wear in order for you to do your job safely. PPE is designed to protect you from workplace hazards. Unless otherwise agreed upon with your employer, you must provide, at your cost, your own clothing needed for protection against natural elements, safety headgear, safety footwear, and general-purpose gloves. Your employer MUST provide and pay for all other PPE required for the job.
Many support staff work with students who require their workers to wear gloves. Parents are not to be providing these gloves. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide the proper gloves. If you have an allergic reaction or other adverse health effect from employer provided PPE (ex; Latex gloves), your employer is responsible for providing an appropriate and equally protective substitute.
For more WCB Wisdom check out our WCB Wisdom on all our social media on Wednesdays.
In Solidarity: Marcey Campbell
As many of you are aware, currently there is a shortage of Education Assistants on our spareboard. This means that many students are going without the support they require on a daily basis when the positions are going unfilled. This also means that our members are having to start work early, miss their breaks and/or work past their end time. When this happens we all lose. If your school is suffering because of the lack of Education Assistants being sent when requested, we ask you to be in contact with your Shop Steward stating the following:
  • School name
  • How many EAs were away and how many would normally work that day?
  • Did any EAs have to do the On-line Incident Report due to escalated behaviors in response to lack of subs?
  • Did any EAs go without breaks/start early/leave late?
  • Did any students go without the support they would normally receive and/or miss out on any activities they would regularly do that day?
Without this information your Union cannot help you and the students you work with secure the support you need.
You can contact your Shop Steward by phone, email, website message, private message through our Union Facebook page, and private message through our Twitter account.
In Solidarity: Marcey Campbell and Tammy Murphy
What applies to us?
There is a responsibility on all of us to promptly act on what is perceived to be a violation of the Collective Agreement. It doesn’t have to be grieved immediately but we must be able to demonstrate after the fact that we made all reasonable efforts to amend the situation. That can be a follow-up e-mail to a supervisor or manager, copies of any paperwork involved, notes on conversations with dates, times and places – anything that can help prove your case. You cannot wait, however strong your perceived moral case or your ignorance of the CA, for an unreasonable period of time before doing anything about it. These times are covered in the Collective Agreement; specifically, under Article 7, Discipline and Grievance Procedures and, more importantly, various arbitration decisions.
A teacher for the District had been employed as a TOC until 2005, when she became a contract teacher. The District mistakenly failed to import her accumulated service as a TOC and subsequently underpaid her for 6 years, the mistake being discovered by her in Dec., 2011. Naturally, she wanted compensation for lost wages through underpayment. In brief – and although the District admitted the mistake – she got 30 days retroactive in arbitration. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy with the award and appealed. Her subsequent appeals (presumably) ran out with a Supreme Court of BC decision in August, 2015. The 30 day award stood.
Do your diligence. Document, document, document! And don’t let an issue go for too long if you think it violates your Collective Agreement. Questions? Ask you Shop Steward.
In Solidarity; Tim Tyler
Well I hope everyone has settled in to the New Year nicely!! Hard to believe January went by that quickly! I would like to have a Clerical unit meeting before the next General Membership meeting on February 15 @ LA Matheson at 6:30.
I want to share a link to an article with you all that will be somewhat surprising and yet not really surprising at all. CUPE did a report on clerical work in the public-school system talking about intensification of clerical work in BC schools. I find the results disturbing to say the least.
This is a serious concern to each and every one of us working as a clerk in the district. Please come out and share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Work overload and unpaid work needs to stop. Let’s come together to make positive changes.
In Solidarity; Shannon Levinsky
TY union
thank you
Please REMEMBER to fill out the On-Line Incident Report on the Employee Self-Serve ( every time you get injured at work or if you have a near-miss at work (you slip in the parking lot, a student spits on you, you trip in a classroom, you get hit by a piece of equipment, etc.). This is to be done on employer time. If you are not filling out the reports you are doing a disservice to you, your co-workers and, if applicable, the students you work with. Once you get the confirmation email, please also forward that to so that we are notified right away and can help you, if needed.
In Solidarity, Marcey Campbell
The Health & Safety Sub-Committee would like to remind our members that “near-misses” do need to be reported on the employer’s On-Line form. A “near-miss” is where a potential injury could have happened. This includes a potential hit, slip, fall, etc. or where there is an intent to make contact (ex. Where a student tries to hit you).
In Solidarity; Marcey Campbell & Allan Hendricks
Below are some education workshops members can apply to attend. All the workshops below are in Abbotsford. Please contact the union office to register before February 20, 2017.
– Financial Officers – Mar 9 – 10/17
– Introduction to Stewarding – Mar 6 – 7/17
– Union Supervisors in the Workplace – Mar 27/17
All workshops are 9:00 – 4:00



Second sentence REMOVE He/she ADD The Chairperson.  Third sentence REMOVE He/she ADD The Chairperson

Second paragraph second sentence REMOVE He/she ADD The Secretary-Treasurer

Third sentence REMOVE He/she ADD The Secretary-Treasurer


            7.3 REMOVE accumulated after leave ADD credit after has ADD been exhausted.

 7.4 REMOVE 2nd Vice President ADD CUPE Local 728 Officer or employee

Second sentence REMOVE attend ADD participate in

7.5  REMOVE 2nd Vice President ADD CUPE Local 728 Officer


7.6  First paragraph REMOVE He/she ADD the member

 At end of 2nd paragraph ADD within 30 calendar days of the member becoming incapacitated

 7.9  REMOVE and does not ADD will after report ADD as soon as possible but not later than thirty (30) calendar days after the injury has occurred REMOVE within the specified time

 7.10  REMOVE from FOUR (4).. into the Sick Bank ADD Sick leave time shall be automatically deducted from each member as per Article 15 of the Collective Agreement.  REMOVE last sentence of paragraph ADD As per Article 15.13 of the Collective Agreement.

REMOVE if or as necessary

7.13  Second sentence after appeal ADD in written form

ADD 7.14 The terms and conditions of the Sick Bank Constitution and Bylaws shall be reviewed by the Sick Bank Committee every three years.

On Schedule “A” after Benefits from the Sick Bank ADD Claim for Sickness or Disability

Also REMOVE Adjuster’s name ADD Case Manager



            Third paragraph after at Large, ADD who are also members of the Sick Bank Committee,


            First paragraph REMOVE he/she to The Chairperson

Second paragraph REMOVE He/she ADD The Secretary-Treasurer

            After disbursements REMOVE he/she has ADD they have

            Last sentence REMOVE His/her ADD The REMOVE semi-monthly ADD quarterly


            (a)  REMOVE They shall ADD After six (6) days they may

            (b)  REMOVE fifty dollars ($50.00) ADD seventy-five ($75.00)

            (c)  ADD end of paragraph May authorize payment of employee Health Benefits premiums for members excluding pension while actively appealing a denied claim by the LTD provider or WCB to a maximum of 365 calendar days or end of the appeal whichever comes first.

            (d)  after Benefit ADD Fund

On application for Claim for Sickness or Disability REMOVE Benefits ADD Fund