If you are an Education Assistant or an ABA SW SD36 employee, you can find information pertaining to your specific job on this page.  If there is something that you would like to see on here please email Allan at commofficer@cupe728.ca.  This page will be continually updated so please check back frequently.

Important Links

Behaviour Technician Training Information 2017 – 2018

B-Memo 22-Nov. 2016 revised


Support Staff Calculator (EA Calculator)

Local School Calendar Hours

EA/ABA Guide Book – Revised_August_20151

BCTF/CUPE Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers, Teaching Assistants/Education Assistants

Plan Before You Drive Students – Video

good summer 2017 

June 24, 2017

Here is the link to the school district map of schools if you need them for the posting meeting

June 18, 2017

Here is EA unit meeting notes for June 14, 2017 taken by Allan Henricks

June 1 2017

june 14 2017

May 28 2017

ea unit meeting

May 4, 2017

May 12 - EA Workload Committee


April 24, 2017 – please check back soon as Marcey Campbell (1st Vice President) and Tammy Murphy (EA Elementary Shop Steward) will be putting on an EA Unit Meeting at the end of May.

March 9, 2017 – Click here for EA Unit Meeting Notes taken by Allan Hendricks.

February 2017– please take note of the new Highschool/Spareboard EA Shop Steward phone number.

shop steward number


November 22, 2016:

Tammy Murphy (Elementary Shop Steward), Dawn Storey Gray (Spareboard/Highschool Shop Steward), Shirley Hofmann (ABA Shop Steward), Karen Nicoletti (Recording Secretary), and Marcey Campbell (Communications Officer & WCB Advocate) would all like to thank our EAs and ABA SW who took time out of their days to send us their stories of how the EA shortage and current workload concerns  are affecting their jobs.

If you have an issue or a question pertaining to your employment please call your Shop Steward at the numbers below.

EA Spareboard Shop Steward – Marcey Campbell – 604-308-2010 (NEW)

EA Highschool Shop Steward – Marcey Campbell  – 604-308-2010 (NEW)

EA Elementary Shop Steward – Tammy Murphy -778-808-4483

ABA Shop Steward – Shirley Hofmann – 778-8085823