February 21, 2018

 6:00 P.M. (time change)

 LA Matheson Secondary

 9484 122 St Surrey

 There will be signage at the front door directing you where to go.




  1. Angel Entertainment


 We are excited to announce the performance of the newest ‘Lucky Lion’ to celebrate the Chinese New Year.



If you have an issue or a question pertaining to work, please call your Shop Steward, leave a message on the phone number listed below.  They will contact you when they are available.  The Union office will only refer you to your Shop Steward.


Acting Attendant For Lisa Greenslade

  • Shirley Hofmann          604-866-4126

Clerical                    Shannon Levinsky         778-808-3917

Caretaker               George Hardy                 604-812-2611

Main Trade           Mark Kawakami            604-723-1921

Main Non Trade   Tim Tyler                         604-813-1799

Student Support   Shirley Hofmann            778-808-5823

EA Elementary     Tammy Murphy             778-808-448

EA Sec/Spareboard        

                                  Debra Merrier                604-818-2019


Notice of Continuation of Employment Past Age 65


For those members that plan on working past the age of 65, there is a template letter you can fill out.  You can pick this template letter up at any General Meeting or at the union office.


This letter will need to be filled out and you need to send a copy to the district and a copy to the union office.


If you have any questions please contact Marcey Campbell at the union office or by email







This month we are going to take a look at Activists in our Local and the roles they play outside of our local and in our communities.  How they exact positive change locally, provincially and Canada wide.  You see it only has to start with one person to start a movement.


Quite often we will work with or in a location where a member is booked off for “Union Business”.  There are always questions as to what they are doing, why they are booked off and a host of other questions as well.  We are going to try and answer some of those questions in the next few paragraphs.


We are fortunate to have so many activists in our local.  We have the maximum allotted delegates at CUPE Metro, as well as the maximum at New West District Labour council (NWDLC) with a few members sitting on the executive of both.  We have a member that sits on the CUPE BC Executive Board and few members who ae on the BC FED Working groups.  Our members organize community events, take part in rallies and volunteer their time in their communities.  Just recently they attended on our behalf, March On, Pride Parade, Walk for Reconciliation, as well as the Anti-Racism Rally.  They’re the ones out fighting for positive change, higher minimum wages and better working conditions for all working people.


The important thing about being an activist is anyone can be one.  Think of the impact as little as one hour a week can make on somebody’s life.  Whether it be volunteering at a soup kitchen or on a campaign.  Each of these acts has a positive change on someone or something.


I recognize that there are so many of our members who volunteer as coaches and mentors in our communities and others who donate their time helping in other ways.  It may not seem like social or political change, but it is.  For those that don’t volunteer, I encourage you to get involved.  CUPE 728 has several great committees that can guide you in right direction and help you get started.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”


In Solidarity:  Ryan Groundwater





I would like to start off by thanking each and every one of our elected executive members for their dedication and knowledge.  Not only do our executive members take meetings and do reports during the day, they also put in countless hours on the evenings and weekends (and sometimes on their holidays!).


I would like to remind everyone that our elections are coming up in April.  If you are interested in running for a position, please check out the current CUPE 728 Bylaws, found on our website ( and look in the Collective Agreement tab, to read up on each position and the requirement.


I would like to thank the School Board Co-ordinating Committee for nominating me to be on the K-12 Violence in the Work Place Task Force.  The mandate of the task force is to look into violence in the workplace in order to develop the tools to help CUPE members and our employers reduce violent incidents.  The task force will recommend Occupational Health and Safety Bargaining Proposals for 2019.  I have accepted this position and will be starting on this project in early February.


I would like to remind each and every one of our members that you have the right to refuse unsafe work.  It does not matter if you are a part-time, full-time, on spareboard, or are still in your probationary period.  If you feel your task or duty is unsafe your have the right to report it and your Supervisor or Manager or Principal or Employer must investigate the situation immediately.  You absolutely cannot get disciplined for doing this.  I ask that you please read the poster attached to this Chronicle and post it in your workplace for all to see.


I would like to thank the Women’s Committee and volunteers for putting on a wonderful breakfast at a shelter this past month.  Everyone that came was extremely appreciative of the meal that the committee put on.


Lastly, I would like to thank the entire membership for allowing me to attend weeklong education.  I look forward to being able to practice all that I learned.  If you are interested in attending an education seminar or workshop I recommend you contact your Shop Steward.


In Solidarity;  Marcey Campbell



As I write this, I am currently attending Canadian Labour Congress’s Winter School, Unions in the Community.  I believe this is one of the more important aspects of our unions work and responsibilities.  Especially for a union like our, who are so immersed in our community due to the nature of our jobs.  Schools are the heart and future of our communities.  And we have a responsibility to have connections to that community.  Over the years our union has taken a very active role in our City.  We have helped through engagement, charitable work and being active voices on all levels of government.


We are constantly working with new allies and committing to new campaigns.  Since the start of the school year, I have presented to the Fair Wage Commission, become a Trustee with New Westminster and District Labour Council and joined committees on the Surrey Board of Trade.  We have rallied with the Women’s March, the Fight for Fifteen and many other causes.  Many of your executives have door knocked to help change our government, and we will continue to support progressive candidates in any way we can.  Out Women’s committee has volunteered time to help feed the most vulnerable people in our city and our Human Rights Committee has joined with our allies in the community at many events.


This is rewarding work.  With every new friendship we create, we strengthen our own Local.  As we advocate and fight for our allies, they do the same for us.  If anyone is interested in joining us as a Union in the Community, follow our Facebook, Twitter feeds, or just contact a Committee member or your Shop Steward.  There is great strength in numbers and in solidarity.


In Solidarity:  Randy Fennell



LIF – Learning Improvement Fund


This does not need to be recorded for school use as this is not funded by the district but is a provincial grant.  This is not given to us to add to the time we work without students.

Several good uses for this including, but are not limited to the following:

– Collaborative planning with classroom teachers outside     the classroom time

– Collaborative planning with Integration Support Teachers (ISTs) or school counsellors

– Collaborative meetings with School – Based Team,          consultants or organizations such as SET-BC, POPARD     etc.

– Review of students’ IEP and related goals with the school team

– School-based Learning Support meetings

– School-based staff meetings

– Creation of student materials (eg. Social stories, visual      schedules, Kurzweil set up, etc.)

– Collaboration with other EA’s who share responsibility for            learners



Please remember that as a Highschool EA you are entitled to 1.4 hours and as an Elementary EA you are entitled to 1.5 hours over the week.  Remember this can be done all in one day or spread throughout the week, in discussion with the principal.  Please try and make proper use of this time as it is not guaranteed.


In Solidarity;  Tammy Murphy




As mentioned in December’s Chronicle each month we would have a Question and Answer area.  An area where you supply the Questions, and the Stewards and I will do our best to answer them.


This month’s question is related to Health and Safety and focus’ on Portables, in particular the newly installed ones this past summer.

If you are having access issues primarily due to mud, puddles, lack of proper lighting etc. or if any of these issues sound familiar?  There are solutions available to you.


  1.  Contact your Zone Manager and advise them of the issues you are having.
  2. Contact the Health and Safety Committee at your site.  The members of the Committee can be found on the Health and Safety board, generally found in the Staffroom or by speaking to the Principle.
  3. Contact your Shop Steward, advise them of the access issues you are experiencing.


Your Caretaker Shop Stewards


  • Val Cadamia
  • Rob Tustin
  • Dave Singh
  • Bhupinder Dharnia
  • Justin Lukashyk


You can reach your Caretaker Shop Steward by calling #604-812-2611


Thanks all…until next month!  Please send your questions to


In Solidarity:  George Hardy




I want to thank all the EAs that come out to the EA Workload Committee.  The Workload Survey was completed on February 4th.  I would like to personally thank everyone that took part in this anonymous survey.  Once the results are completed we will be providing them at the next EA Unit Meeting.


In Solidarity:  Marcey Campbell – Chairperson




First, I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to attend the Canadian Labour Congress Winter School where I took a great course on social media and how to interact with you our members more effectively.


I just want to review a few key points regarding the use of employer issued emails (ie;, electronic equipment, and proper etiquette while using the devices.


At this time, the employer has said they only check emails if there is a problem.  We still want our members to be using the employer email system.  The concern is that if members start using their own email system for work emails, that’s a HUGE confidentiality breach.


– Only use your employer issued email for communicating when you are carrying out responsibilities during the course of your duties (ie: teach to EA, supervisor to custodian, clerical to teachers and other outside agencies if that is in the scope of your job)

– Don’t use it for personal use.  Please set up a personal email like Gmail or Hotmail for personal use.

– Please do not use your employer issue email to contact the union.  Don’t forget the employer owns this email system.

– We advise our members to only use district equipment to check your work emails.  You are NOT obligated to check them at home, on your own time.

– You should only be checking work related emails and answering them on paid time not before or after your shifts or on your breaks.

– As with any public WIFI (ie; at coffee shops, in malls, etc) we advise all our members to have their WIFI turned off to increase your privacy.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding email or computer usage during the scope of your job, please drop me a note at and I will try and answer the question or find the answer as soon as I can.


In Solidarity;  Allan Henricks



March 1, 2018

 Location to be determined




Staff Bulletin in the Schools:


As per Article 4.45 page 17 in the Collective Agreement,

“that the union shall be providing with adequate space on staff bulletin boards for the posting of notices pertaining to union business.”


If members see or notice this isn’t being done, please contact your Shop Steward.





United Way started partnering with Tampon Tuesday in March 2017 to collect menstruation products to distribute to people in our community who can’t afford these basic hygiene products because they live in poverty or are experiencing homelessness.  The response was overwhelming.


Your help is needed. Period.  Bring a box to the next GM meeting. Help us collect monthly menstruation products and we’ll distribute them to United Way of Lower Mainland’s partner agencies serving those in need.


More info on the need in our community:  Tampon Tuesday: Your help is needed. Period, go to:




Below is a list of members who have sent in thank you      cards this month after receiving flowers or retirement   gifts from the membership.


Stevan K. – bereavement                  Florence P. – retirement

Tracey S. – get well                             Michelle L. – get well

Anjilla M. – get well                           Allan H. – bereavement

Brad C. – bereavement                      Ashlyn H. – get well


Just a Reminder


If one of your co-workers is away from work because they have lost a loved one, please contact the union office.  We are only notified if a member is away sick from work.




Workers have the right to refuse unsafe work. If you have reasonable cause to believe that performing a job/task puts you or someone else at risk, you must not perform the job or task. You must immediately notify your supervisor or employer, who will then take the appropriate steps to determine if the work is unsafe and then they will remedy the situation.



  1. The SUPERVISOR/ADMINISTRATOR/EMPLOYER MUST INVESTIGATE THE MATTER WITHOUT DELAY and fix it, if possible. During this time, you may be temporarily assigned to a new task, at no loss of pay.  THE INVESTIGATION MUST TAKE PLACE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE WORKER, along with a worker representative of the joint health and safety committee or an individual from the worker’s trade union.  AS A WORKER, IT IS YOUR CHOICE WHO YOU HAVE PRESENT (ex. your Shop Steward, your Union President, etc.).


  1. If the Supervisor/Employer has said it is safe to perform your job and the worker still views the work as unsafe, the worker is to contact the Union Office at 604-576-2873 or your Shop Steward and contact WorkSafeBC:


A worker must not be subject to discriminatory action as defined in section 150 of Part 3 of the Workers Compensation Act because the worker has acted in compliance with section 3.12 or with an order made by an officer.  This means that YOU CANNOT GET IN TROUBLE BECAUSE YOU REFUSED UNSAFE WORK


A worker must not be subject to discriminatory action as defined in section 150 of Part 3 of the Workers Compensation Act because the worker has acted in compliance with section 3.12 or with an order made by an officer.  This means that YOU CANNOT GET IN TROUBLE BECAUSE YOU REFUSED UNSAFE WORK