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 DECEMBER 20, 2017

 8:00 P.M.

 Enver Creek Secondary


 14505 84 Ave Surrey

 There will be signage at the front door directing you where to go.






If you have an issue or a question pertaining to work, please call your Shop Steward, leave a message on the phone number listed below.  They will contact you when they are available.  The Union office will only refer you to your Shop Steward.


Acting Attendant For Lisa Greenslade Shirley Hofmann          604-866-4126

Clerical                             Shannon Levinsky                                           778-808-3917

Caretaker                         George Hardy                                                    604-812-2611

Main Trade                      Mark Kawakami                                              604-723-1921

Main Non Trade            Tim Tyler                                                           604-813-1799

Student Support            Shirley Hofmann                                           778-808-5823

EA Elementary               Tammy Murphy                                             778-808-4483

EA Sec/Spareboard       Debra Merrier                                                604-818-2019






Elect up to 11 delegates to New West & District Labour Council



What is JEIS, LTD and how do they work?


There is a lot of information to fully understand the entirety of the program and its policies etc.  This article is here to provide some of the more basic but important information.  Let’s start with a bit of background.  The PEBT (Public Education Benefits Trust Fund) was created in 2002 and is sponsored by both BCPSEA (British Columbia Public Schools Employers Association) and CUPE.  The PEBT is operated by a board of Trustees representing both school districts and support staff in the K-12 sector.


JEIS (Joint Early Intervention Service) and LTD (Long Term Disability) support is provided by Desjardins Financial Security.  They are the people who contact you after you have been absent from work due to illness for more than 6 consecutive working days.  A member who is eligible to qualify for core LTD Benefits is one working a minimum 15 hours a week or more.  Unfortunately members over the age of 65 are unable to collect LTD Benefits.


**All members are required to participate in the JEIS program and cooperate with Desjardins and their associates **  If a member refuses to participate, it could delay or jeopardize LTD benefits.  Members are also required to participate even if the claim is initially a WorkSafeBC claim.  **Participation is Mandatory**


More often than not a JEIS Package containing a Certificate will be sent to a member.  The member will then have their physician complete this one page Certificate.  This Certificate will provide general information regarding the injury/illness.


The first 120 days is considered your short term disability period.  After 120 days, LTD takes over.  The first 120 day period of sick leave will be paid through a member’s personal sick time, Union Sick Bank or a combination of the two.  After 120 days you will need to qualify for LTD to be financially compensated.


It is extremely important to cooperate with Desjardins, the Employer and the Union in order for the process to be a smooth one and successful recover and return to work.



Sisters and Brothers,


With the holiday season right around the corner I want to take this time to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017, is the Pacific Blue Cross AGM where there will be an election of the Board of Directors.  I encourage everyone to go down to the Westin Bayshore and vote.  CUPE is endorsing a slate and all the details can be read on our website.


It’s been a busy month with meetings in all departments to discuss concerns brought forward by members in their respective departments.  We continue to hear about workload increases, spareboard shortages and lack of coverage for breaks.  We are continuing to work with the employer on an ongoing basis to help alleviate and address these concerns.


With the calendar year of 2018 coming up, I would like to see some resolutions from our members be put forward.  No unpaid work, document incidents, and be kind to your fellow workers.


Lastly I would like to turn your attention to an article that was recently in the local paper.


In Solidarity; Ryan Groundwater




On December 11, South Surrey-White Rock has a Federal By-Election.  This is as important as any election.  It’s an opportunity for us to send a message to Ottawa that we matter.  The Conservative candidate Kerry-Lynne Findlay voted in favour for union breaking bills under the Harper government and the Liberal candidate Gordon Hogg, served as a Liberal MLA under both Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark.  And we all saw how little they cared for education and working people.


So the choice is clear, the one candidate who is there for working people in Surrey, the one who cares deeply about education, NDP’s Jonathan Silveria.  So if you live in this riding, come out and cast a vote for a better future on December 11th.


In Solidarity:  Randy Fennell




Ever wonder what Conflict Resolution is?  Conflict Resolution is a way to deal with confrontations before they escalate.  It involves getting to underlying causes and issues and trying to find a solution that satisfies all parties involved.  If you are experiencing conflict at your work place, some steps that you can take are to:


  1. Talk with the other person/people involved
  2. Talk with your Admin/Supervisor/Manager and ask for support
  3. Talk with your Shop Steward/Union Representative


After doing the above steps and you feel you need more support please contact the Union Office at 604-576-2873.  There are many positive ways to deal with conflict that our members actually have access to: voluntary mediation, counselling services through EFAP and information through LifeSpeak.  Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes.  It involves a neutral union mediator who helps both sides come to an agreement and can be used for a whole range of situations.  There is no cost to you and information shared in the mediation is confidential.


This past month was busy with grievances, WCB claims and two possible mediations.  I was fortunate to attend the mini-CALM (Communications and Labour Media) conference in Vancouver.


On December 13 CUPE is working on organizing a large turnout of members for the Pacific Blue Cross AGM at 6pm at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver.  This is an important event and we are excited to be offering our own members a bus trip to and from the Westin.  We will be offering food/snacks and CUPE 728 swag.  Please contact the office ASAP if you are interested in coming with us.  If you are needed time off work, please also contact the office.


Thank you to the Entertainment Committee for setting up another SOLD OUT Adult Christmas Party!


In Solidarity;  Marcey Campbell


christmas tree



Hoping all have a great and restful Christmas break.  Looking forward to the new year.




In Solidarity;  Tammy Murphy





This month I’d like to start something new.  Each month I write about what “I” consider to be a topic that would be of interest.  This month and in the months to come…things will be just a little different.  What I’d like to do is start a Question and Answer area.  An area where you supply the questions, and the Steward’s and myself will do our best to answer them.


So…to start off with… let’s chat about carpets, you know the ones…area rugs.  The ones everyone hates.


Question:  Do I have to clean them?


Answer:  Well.. I have had this very conversation with the District.  The short answer is (unfortunately) yes.  Why?  As the Employer the District determines your duties.  What can you do about it?  The best approach is to contact your Supervisor, let them know about your concerns, are they consuming too much of your time, do they get stuck in the vacuum wand.  Additionally are they loose, a tripping hazard…as a safety issue you need to bring this forward to your supervisor, and the OH &S Committee at your school.


Please send your questions to:


In Solidarity:  George Hardy




Hello everyone, it has been busy the past month.  First, I want to thank the membership for allowing myself to attend a mini conference in Vancouver put on by CALM (Canadian Association for Labor Media).  This is an organization of communications officers from different unions from all over the country.  During this conference I took a couple of courses on social media as well as print layout.  This is a great conference where I can share, learn and network with other people in charge of communications within their unions.


This is a reminder for all CUPE 728 members.  It is important for you to set up a personal email address (ie Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) and not use your school issued email for your personal use.  Your district email system is owned by your employer, which means they can monitor it if they feel it necessary.  It is strongly advisable for you to NOT use your district email for personal emails and communications (ie; banking, family emails, travel confirmations).  So , I hope everyone has a great holiday season and enjoy time with people we all care about.


In Solidarity;  Allan Henricks





We are in the process of setting up a meeting with the Payroll in the New Year to discuss concerns that our members have brought forward regarding their WCB payments.  If you have had any issues please let Marcey know so that we can look into them for you.


Currently, if you are injured at work and you receive a disability award from WCB, your disability award will usually be paid until retirement at the age of 65.  British Columbia’s Human Rights Code protects all people 19 and over from discrimination because of their age.  Among other things, this means you cannot be forced to retire because of your age.  Therefore, if you were planning on working past the age of 65 it is in your best interest to let your employer know ASAP.  CUPE 728 has created a letter that you can send to your employer stating that you are interested in working past the age of 65 so that if you do get injured, your benefits could extend past the age of 65.  Please email


In Solidarity;   Marcey Campbell, WCB Advocate


 nov 11Page 5


REMEMBRANCE DAY: November 11, 2017
It’s been a great day  to accompany these two  ladies from the Women’s Committee of CUPE local 728, Theresa Pidcock and Betsey Cadamia who represented our union to lay the wreath during the Remembrance Day Ceremony in Cloverdale.

This has been an annual practice of CUPE local 728 to lay a wreath to commemorate our brave fallen soldiers.  It was an awesome program followed by a parade of RCMP officers in their  famous  Red Uniforms. Surrey Military Academy School and Veterans of World War II were also among the participants in the parade. We proudly stood right beside the RCMP Pipe Band who played an inspirational songs which remind us of the sacrifices that our fallen soldiers have done to protect and preserve  our freedom.

It was a memorable experience that was something to be remembered.  On behalf of our union Cupe 728 and Pension Committee, I would like to thank the Women’s Committee for participating in this memorable occasion.


In Solidarity;   Val Cadamia




Don’t forget if you have moved or changed your phone number you need to contact the union office with the change.  You can email the union office at or call 604-576-2873 with the change.




The EA Workload Committee will be meeting again on December 11th.  We have a set group of members that are on the committee.


Each meeting we will open up a few extra seats if other EAs are wanting to participate.  If you have any concerns or any topics you would like the EA Workload Committee to look into, please email


Within the next few weeks we will be putting out an short on-line survey asking the EAs specific questions about their current workload.  We ask that you share this survey with all EAs so that their voices can be heard.  This survey will be on our union Facebook page and a link will be placed on our homepage of our website and under the EA/ABA Button on our website.


In Solidarity;   Marcey Campbell







Below is a list of members who have sent in thank you      cards this month after receiving flowers or retirement   gifts from the membership.


Lucyna M. – Retirement              Tracy N. – Get well

Jennifer M. – Scholarship            Bob M. – Retirement

Marilyn A. – Get well                    Michelle H. – Get well

Debra B. – Retirement                  Dianne J. – Retirement

Annamarie S. – Retirement          Kim T. – Get well

Richard S. – Get well



If one of your co-workers is away from work because they have lost a loved one, please contact the union office.  We are only notified if a member is away sick from work